Tel Aviv University: Lightning may have played an evolutionary role in living organisms

2019-02-18T09:59:15+00:0018 Februar 2019|Allgemein, Israel|

Lightning was the main electromagnetic presence in the Earth's atmosphere long before the invention of electricity. There are some 2,000 thunderstorms active at any given time, so humans and other organisms have been bathed in [...]

Technion (Israel): Students showcase their innovative projects

2019-02-15T09:36:30+00:0015 Februar 2019|Allgemein, Israel|

Undergraduate students from Technion’s Faculty of Computer Science presented 43 projects in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT), Android Applications, Ransomware, and computer communications. The students, from the Technion’s Systems and Software Development Lab [...]

Israeli and Czech Scientists Join Forces in Advancing Drug Discovery

2019-02-06T18:13:41+00:006 Februar 2019|Allgemein, Israel|

To expand the ties between the Israeli and Czech scientific communities, their countries are developing new forms of collaboration between talented young scientists. One such project is the “Joint Prague-Weizmann Winter School on Drug Discovery.” [...]

Hebrew University of Jerusalem: We need to rethink everything we know about Global Warming

2019-02-06T17:59:04+00:006 Februar 2019|Allgemein, Israel|

For a while now, the scientific community has known that global warming is caused by manmade emissions in the form of greenhouse gases and global cooling by air pollution in the form of aerosols. But, [...]

Tel Aviv University: New biomarker links cancer progression to genome instability

2019-02-05T11:43:40+00:005 Februar 2019|Allgemein, Israel|

Our DNA is under constant attack. The delicate molecule that contains our genetic information is extremely vulnerable to everything from environmental agents, such as radiation, to the chemicals in the air we breathe and the [...]

Israel Start-up Ecosystem Artificial Intelligence boomt

2019-01-29T13:06:38+00:0029 Januar 2019|Allgemein, Israel|

Der Branchenbeobachter StartupHub.ai fokusiert speziell auf die Start-up Szene Israels im Bereich Artificial Intelligence (AI). Und der Status-quo ist mehr als beeindruckend, wie StartupHub.ai zu berichten weiß. Wie schon auf Glocalist berichtet, rockten 2018 auch [...]

Technion (Israel): Enhanced Decision Making by Deploying Data

2019-01-23T11:56:02+00:0023 Januar 2019|Allgemein, Israel|

Researchers at Technion have developed a model that enhances decision-making, based on expert data. This morning we heard on the radio that the chance of rain is very low, only 6%; but the television forecaster [...]

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