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Citizen science projects have a surprising new partner – the computer!

2019-02-06T17:59:27+00:006 Februar 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

For more than a decade, citizen science projects have helped researchers use the power of thousands of volunteers who help sort through datasets that are too large for a small research team. Previously, this data [...]

Self-driving cars will ‘cruise’ to avoid paying to park and give Communities a slot to create new taxes

2019-02-01T09:52:19+00:001 Februar 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

If you think traffic in city centers is bad now, just wait until self-driving cars emerge on the scene, cruising around to avoid paying hefty downtown parking fees. Even worse, because cruising is less costly [...]

Machine learning and quantum mechanics team up to understand water at the atomic level

2019-01-08T11:37:41+00:008 Januar 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

The building blocks of most observable matters are electrons and nuclei. Following the laws of quantum mechanics, their behavior can be described in terms of their wave function, sort of a diffuse cloud that is [...]

Artificial intelligence advances threaten privacy of health data

2019-01-04T11:39:16+00:004 Januar 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

Advances in artificial intelligence have created new threats to the privacy of people's health data, a new University of California, Berkeley, study shows. Led by UC Berkeley engineer Anil Aswani, the study suggests current laws [...]

Money for Science: How economic theory and the Netflix Prize could make research funding more efficient

2019-01-03T10:58:54+00:003 Januar 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

As scientific funding becomes increasingly scarce, professors in STEM fields spend more time in their offices writing grant applications: by one estimate, as much as one-fifth of their research time. That takes time and energy [...]

MIT research honored with Physics World “Breakthrough of the Year” awards

2018-12-27T18:31:06+00:0027 Dezember 2018|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

"Magic-angle" graphene named 2018 Breakthrough of the Year; first ionic plane and earliest evidence of hydrogen gas named to top 10 breakthroughs. Three scientific and engineering advances led by researchers in the MIT community have [...]

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