/Silicon Valley

Reddish coloring in an ancient fossil – a 3-million-year-old mouse

2019-05-27T18:40:39+00:0027 Mai 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

X-rays reveal an extinct mouse was dressed in brown to reddish fur on its back and sides and had a tiny white tummy. Researchers have for the first time detected chemical traces of red pigment [...]

Stanford University: Dog-like robot made by students jumps, flips and trots

2019-05-20T20:08:58+00:0020 Mai 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

Putting their own twist on robots that amble through complicated landscapes, the Stanford Student Robotics club's Extreme Mobility team at Stanford University has developed a four-legged robot that is not only capable of performing acrobatic [...]

NASA researchers catalogue all microbes and fungi on the International Space Station

2019-04-09T10:54:57+00:009 April 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

A comprehensive catalogue of the bacteria and fungi found on surfaces inside the International Space Station (ISS) is being presented in a study published in the open access journal Microbiome. Knowledge of the composition of [...]

New approach could boost energy capacity of lithium batteries

2019-03-28T19:23:24+00:0028 März 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

Researchers around the globe have been on a quest for batteries that pack a punch but are smaller and lighter than today's versions, potentially enabling electric cars to travel further or portable electronics to run [...]

Superbugs have colonized the International Space Station

2019-03-19T10:21:54+00:0019 März 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

Astronauts leave behind many things when they boldly go. Bacteria, however, stay with them. Extreme spaceflight conditions can force these bacteria to toughen up, while simultaneously lowering the immune defenses of the stressed, isolated crew. [...]

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