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2nd Earth? NASA’s Hubble finds water vapor on habitable-zone exoplanet for 1st time

2019-09-12T11:31:06+02:0012 September 2019|Allgemein, Nachhaltigkeit, Silicon Valley|

Its size and surface gravity are much larger than Earth’s, and its radiation environment may be hostile, but a distant planet called K2-18b has captured the interest of scientists all over the world. For the [...]

Technion and Tel Aviv University hacked SIEMENS PLC

2019-08-08T13:12:36+02:008 August 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

Researchers from the Technion and Tel Aviv University succeeded in gaining control of one of the world’s most secure industrial programmable logic controller (PLC) As part of the attack, the researchers managed to turn the [...]

Open Access: MIT and Harvard Data Science Initiative launch the Harvard Data Science Review

2019-07-16T19:18:36+02:0016 Juli 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

Open access journal to promote the latest research, educational resources, and commentary from leading minds in data science. The MIT Press and the Harvard Data Science Initiative (HDSI) have announced the launch of the Harvard [...]

SLAC develops novel compact antenna for communicating where radios fail

2019-07-15T08:17:49+02:0015 Juli 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

A new type of pocket-sized antenna, developed at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, could enable mobile communication in situations where conventional radios don’t work, such as under water, through the ground and [...]

First snapshots of trapped CO2 molecules shed new light on carbon capture

2019-07-03T15:51:43+02:003 Juli 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

A new twist on cryo-EM imaging reveals what’s going on inside MOFs, highly porous nanoparticles with big potential for storing fuel, separating gases and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The results will aid efforts [...]

Unraveling mechanisms of speech processing in the brain

2019-06-25T11:39:38+02:0025 Juni 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

In the 1860s, French physician Paul Broca published his findings that the brain's speech production center was located in the left hemisphere. Though scientists have largely accepted since then that the left half of the [...]

BDO Expands Life Sciences Services by Acquiring Bioprocess Technology Consultants

2019-06-18T14:44:05+02:0018 Juni 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

BDO, one of the nation’s leading professional services organizations, is pleased to announce the acquisition of BioProcess Technology Consultants, Inc. (BPTC), a provider of chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) consulting services to the global biopharmaceutical [...]

Reddish coloring in an ancient fossil – a 3-million-year-old mouse

2019-05-27T18:40:39+02:0027 Mai 2019|Allgemein, Silicon Valley|

X-rays reveal an extinct mouse was dressed in brown to reddish fur on its back and sides and had a tiny white tummy. Researchers have for the first time detected chemical traces of red pigment [...]

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