Tomorrow marks the start of programming for GLOCALIST’s member area and associated social media offerings.

There are changes associated with:

1. In this context, Glocalist is looking for 10 test users for the social media. In return, they will receive a free non-transferable and non-cash membership until mutual demise. Apply for test-membership via Mail. The legal process is excluded.

2. Glocalist will only be accessible to paying members in order to remain ad-free from banners & co. Very clearly marked “Advertorials” and “Sponsorship” will exist.

3. For members Glocalist will have access to its own properitarian social media. Access will only be available to those who recognise the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.

4. The “Business and Research Israel” groups on facebook and LinkedIn will in future only be accessible to members of Glocalist. Those who are members of the “Business and Research Israel” groups on Facebook and LinkedIn by the deadline of 31.1.2021 or become members of these two groups by this date will remain in this group (without member access to the other service areas).

For more informations about the planned future of Glocalist as a bridge between enterprises and startups from Europe, Israel and the Middle East visit this LINK